Thursday, December 9, 2010


WR. 1992-1996

Scene I

-"I must admit Vince I’m surprised at this invitation, yeah," piercing
astonishing eyes of his down, along his wine glass, was he wondering about
this move himself. "To be honest Cadence, it’s Caddy, most call me Caddy,
while Caddy, I’m looking to make some changes in my life, permanent
changes and I want to know if you want to be a part of them?" "My god how
astonishing," as one blushing heartily had no one ever been this direct, could
ever be this direct, truly how invigorating. "I was blunt I know, but I’ve never
done this before, possibly will never do it again." "How about we first Vince
introduce ourselves?" As one handing a beautifully manicured hand his
directive was she wearing such the winning smile. "I’m Cadence Nicole, I’m
of course Vincent Maurice, what is it Vincent Maurice you’re to do for a
living?" Taking a bite of her fork was he not at all surprised how marvelously
she handled herself, even his notable forwardness. "While I work Caddy with
this incredible creature called woman, the first woman I’ve ever in my life had
or felt intimate about, sorely so I admit but sometimes I don’t think she even
know I’m alive." "How can she not know unless she’s blind?" "Look at how
astonishing you are, these eyes alone to simply die for, then to have such
a passionate heart." "So now you mock him, me, you mock me?” “What was
mockery?" "Ah god you’re one of the most amazing men ever." "When first
I saw, excuse me, are you telling me you have an attraction toward me as
well?" "So much so I barely sleep at night, the supreme as my witness." "My
god this is amazing," turning off, along, into an unbelieving smirk at such
revelations, even nearing emotions stinging his eyes, his nostril. Those even
tightening in his throat, could he believe what he was hearing, even all the
more feeling? "Are you ok," that she’s to slightly, passionately touch his
forearm, a touch sending sensational vibes all over and through that he
possibly would have to excuse himself to the rest room. "Earth to,---I’m, yes, thanks, I’m ok." "It’s just that I never would’ve imagined, you know, no,
I don’t know, -I can’t do this" laying his napkin to the table at springing into his
leave truly had he embarrassed himself enough, "you will have to excuse me,
please." "Vince, please?" How out of a slight stand to him, to halt him, to
contact his warm palm, hand into hers. "I know how this, how scary this all feel,
how scary it all seem, but believe me you’re not alone, I’m here with you." "So
we have similar feelings," seeing Vincent Maurice is to come again calmly,
patiently to a seat did Cadence Nicole know exactly how he felt and how those
feelings threaten so much of what they’d been lead to believe. "I think what
is even more amazing Vince is we’re actually forgiving and humble enough
at sharing such feelings." "This is such the breakthrough, is what I’m saying,
can’t you feel it?" "Please don’t leave now, look I have a birthday party to go
to, come with me, please?" “Come with you, just like that?” “ Yes, just that like, come." For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. From Beast of Beauty fea. Meshullum Kadesh. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford, The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) © Copyright 1992-2011 By: R.A.M., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

-WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these moments, their explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with sacred godliness undefiled toward both God and man....See, Matt 22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-32

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