Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole VIII

WR. 1992-1996

Scene VIII

"Regan told me everything while we were in that kitchen, how her fiancé
raped her, beat her within itches of her life and how he slipped up in the
shower killing himself." "I felt kind of guilty that she trusted me, a stranger with
such things, so I figure she just really needed to talk." "She said she doesn’t
know what’s worse, her fiancé attacking her and dying like that, or her best
friend finding her like that." "That she haven’t been able to face him, doesn’t
know if she will, of course she will, time Cadence will find a way, it always
does." "So I’ll see you tomorrow, no, I’ll be with Mel all day tomorrow and then
I think I’ll take a prayer group to the hospital and get Mike healed and on his
feet again." "I guess this is goodnight then, yeah goodnight, sleep tight, don’t
let your dreams and nightmares Vince bite." "So should I walk you to the
door?" "No, I think I’ll sit out for a while, think on some things, that’s really
special of you, believing, trusting and interceding for Mike’s healing like that."
"I still can’t believe she’s dead, do you know how many times I was reminded
to call her today only to realize repeatedly she’s gone?" "I been imaging how
she's to look tomorrow in that casket, how will her hair be, what kind of outfit,
her make up, will she even look like herself?" "Well you know that won't be her, you know that right?" "It's the temporal shell, house she was in and that’s all, you know, until she rise anew." "Melrose could actually be more present with you now than she was alive, no more bondage, as she's now a free spirit." "I know Cadence if I'm a believer of such things how, would you believe I've been around believers all my life?" "Choosing a homophile lifestyle didn't have anything to do with my belief or like thereof in god, but that I'm to honor and obey my will above god's will, you know the flesh want what the flesh want." "You want to know what got me, I was reading the Paris Globe, this guy name Sioux Noel Deburk who asked the question if there is no God who created the concept of righteousness?" "How from the first man,marriage, Adam and Eve we learn how vulnerable we are, how self-serving,
even corruptible." "That from the first siblings, Cain and Abel we see how
monstrous we are, how we're lying, murdering, saboteurs." "Thus cursed mankind without divine intervention is totally incapable of charting a course for
godliness." "As so there's no way it's to come from Satan whose the very
epitome of evil, or demonic forces, who're despitefully cunning, as so wicked
continuously." "Hence the inquiry if there is no God who established the
concept, who introduced the philosophy of righteousness?" "In others words
no man, no hands of man, no manpower, it's impossible that it's to come from
anything other than the paranormal quite divine." "I guess you're right, man can
choose to do good all his days, but that good isn't righteous, as within his
heart, from within his heart he's potentially wicked." "I had not known sin, un-
less the scripture had declared, thou shalt not covet, I think Paul said that."
"This Vince is a terrible place, just listening to Regan tonight, about her once
exceptional intended, as so imaging that a person as special as Melrose is
gone, taken so suddenly." "How mankind daily are nothing but brute beast
continually, man slaughters, could a place like the African Juttah really exist,
would it?" "I mean whose truly worthy?" "According to the holy scriptures all
those who love the Supreme's Christ, and look Cadence to his re-appearing." "Suppose
we get there, this Juttah and it's impossible that we're to return, I mean how
can you go to such a place, this ultimate, god made, paradise on earth and
come back to hell on earth?" "I best go, I have this impossible day tomorrow,
I could be there you know, meet you, you don't have to do this alone." "That
is so tempting, but I want to do this alone, I think I need to, I love Vince having
you around, in my corner so to speak but I don't want to lose me, does that
make sense?" "Yes, sure it does, then I'll see you when I see you, yes, I like
that, I’ll see you when I see you."

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