Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole IV

WR. 1992-1996
Scene IV

-"Look I know I’m probably the last person you want to see, why is that
Vince, if we’re anything we’re still friends right, civilized at that?" "Just sit,
calm down and tell me what’s bugging you, Cadence and I Phearce went out
the other night," standing instead against the kitchen sink, arms fold, legs
crossed was he as his now close friend Phearson McPhearceson such the
stunner gentleman. "You and Cadence Coledalay?" "Wow Vince, wow!""Yeah,
exactly, wow," coming instead dramatically into that seat to him face to
face at this sure panic, what did indeed have him so ruffled. "That’s how the
entire night was, this wow beyond description event, only Phearce I haven’t
been able to reach her since, you know, I, what are you saying?" "I’m saying
it’s as though it was all a dream, Cadence Nicole did exist right, she wasn’t
simply a figment of my imagination?" "Ok now Vince you’re freaking me out
here, of course she existed, tall, stunning, model perfect, yeah so extremely
sexual, I hadn’t thought of that before Vince but yes." "I Keep telling myself
maybe I said too much, maybe she changed her mind, or was simply leading
me on all the time, you know." "Vince," laying comforting hands to each of his
broad shoulders how as long as he’s to know him and love him had he not
seen him this frazzled, dazzled about anything other than his work. "You have
got to calm down, there has to be a logical explanation, there just has to be."
"Look you wasn’t there ok, it was literally Phearce not of this planet, we were
that extraordinary together, just, actually beyond perfect." "Ok so you tried to
reach her, what happen?" "Nothing, her communicator just ring and take
messages upon which I’ve possibly left a thousand." "So you go to her place,
you know where she live right?" "I know where her files say she live but I’m
terrified all the more Phearce I’m to discover this was all again a fabrication,
that’s all." "Did you Vince go out with her or not?" "Because Cadence Nicole
is real, she’s as real as you and I, now did you and she have this date or were
you dreaming?" "Ok, I’ll go to her place, good, that’s a very good start, you’re
not talking to me like I’m an imbecile right, I know I am, but still you’re not doing
that right Phearce?" "You know how very upset you’re to make me whenever
you do that." "Go Vince, find her and when you do call me and let me know it’s
a small world after all." "What?" "You see that’s exactly what I’m talking about,
just don’t do that, ok, I won’t, I’m not." With a charming as this Phearson
McPhearson pushing him right out the door, did an alarm as this Vincent
Maurice not want to do this alone to the point he wanted to bring his friend
right with him. "Ok, ok I’m going, you don’t have to put me out, if I’m delusional
I’m pretty sure Phearce it’s not contagious." "I’ll call you, good Vince and good
day, I love you, yeah Phearce me too, you sure you don’t wanna come with
me?" "Ah Vince I’m really sure, you can do this, you‘re a big boy, ok, all right,
your lovely wife is waiting on you, I get it." "Hello Regan, hello Vince, goodbye
Regan, yeah Vince, you too."

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