Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole XIII

WR. 1992-1996
...I'm Unto You My Lover, Then I'm Far Away Still...

Scene XIII

"Ah it would appear we’re not the only ones up at this early hour," that the phone was in it’s third ring was Ambrey thinking it was wife to be Felicity, that she couldn't sleep as well. {{{"Hello, hello, Ambrey is it? Yes, hello Ambrey this is Cadence, Caddy, Vince friend, please forgive me for calling so early, is he there by any chance?" "Yes," sedately easing the phone over to him sitting at the kitchen table, like him, drinking to omit a demon like hang-over, coffee. "It's for you, it's her," not believing his own ears it was her, the girl, this Caddy person Vince spoke of, what?" "It's your Caddy, are you serious?" "Hello, hey, how did, I called Phearce, it took him a while, but he found Bree's number, said he would see you at the reception." "Wait a minute, you called Phearce at seven in the morning?" "I told him it was kind of an emergency, you was so emotionally distraught when you left, I couldn't sleep I was so concern." "I'm fine now, I missed Bree's bachelor party but it seemed I arrived just in time to be the best man, he's getting married, today at noon as a matter of fact." "Really, well if you tell me when and where I could meet you so you won't have to go solo, how does that sound?" "Good, really good" as one standing up of a hard swallow, her ideal was so good in fact, with the entire family being there, he could introduce them to his own intended. "We'll gonna say the Juttah vows," happily coming in on their phone conversation, was Ambrey kindly giving more than personal details, "spend our two weeks honey-moon in the African Juttah." What?" "What do you know about the Juttah Vows, even the African Juttah?" "More than you my brother in waiting, more than you." "Yeah he said he and his, that they're going to announce the Juttah vows, even spend their honeymoon in the African Juttah, wow, that sound amazing, yeah, I didn't even know he knew anything about it." "It's The Mount Moriah Temple on Forty-Third if she's to attend, today, noon, ahh the Mt. Moriah, yes I heard him, I know exactly where
he's talking about, today noon, alright my man in waiting I guess I'll see you there, yeah,see you there."}}} "Bree, just what where you going to do if I didn't show up?" "Ah having a best man wasn't mandatory, if you showed up I wanted to give you something special to do to show you what you mean to me." "There's that other thing, the I don't have anything to wear, done, you have a tuxedo identical to mine only a couple inches larger, longer, you're not kidding are you?" "No, as one getting his cup to the sink, had he in all fairness thought of everything to make his somewhat estrange brother very welcome. "The Juttah Vows huh?" "The Juttah Vows Vince is only a reenactment of the original marriage vows," as one unfolding a typed article to his view, was it as though the next stage in his life prepared.
"Only they're a reminder of the covenant we're to make with Supreme Holy Spirits, no more middle man." "You know how once you're to make such the vow it shouldn't or can't be broken, only with the supreme Host alone acting as your primary witnesses said vows can be spoken between partners of the opposite sex in or at any given place or time and be just as honored by the Supreme Spirits of Heaven and earth."
"I can hold on to this?" "It's all yours, I know it word for word, there was no
way I was going to stand before my intended reading from a piece of paper, I wonder
who that could be?" As one responding to a door bell did Ambrey know exactly who it
was, brothers Baldwin, Nathan and Drew all coming over to see him ready for his big
day. "Look Vince is here, and I've made him very comfortable, see that you three do
the same, swear to me, seeing that each of them are to raise hands to him, especially, the eldest and stubborn as their father, Baldwin. "Sorry to say it look like rain, Drew, Dante, without even looking back was Vincent Dante able to identify his next youngest brother Andew coming out to the Balcony to him. "Wow Drew you look good, thanks, Nate and Baldwin are inside, good, we're all glad Dante you could make it, yeah Drew so am I." "I still catch your report whenever I can, you really put yourself, your life on the line sometimes, how is dad, mom?" "They're good, you know mom, dad, they're always good, of course little brother if you called them every now and then you would know that, Baldwin." "And just for your information I do, mom will talk but dad simply refuse, well you kinda blew us away with that, I don't know obsene announcement of yours and on Christmas day." "I'm next, next?" "To marry, Helsea Staples, really, well congratulation," coming around into a shake of his hand, even a modest hug of his neck, was brother Baldwin visibly displeased they're to be this sociable. "I hope it's your ideal, that you're in love Drew,
and it not some religious physco babble of dads, only those truly in love should marry and it's impossible that we're to love truly except by the Holy Spirit, true romance, even it's sexual zenith is to come only by surrendering to them." "And what Vince, the Holy Spirit as you call him talk to gays now, to get them to supreme God's yes?" "That Baldwin was only a dark detour I took once, when I misstook a fabulous friendship for something it could never, ever be, now I'm back, thanks to Holy Spirits, this resilent friendship I'm back." "How is Methody?" "You guys have a son now right?" "Methody is fine and yes, we, you have a thirthteen month old nephew, John Peter, you both will no doubt meet today." "So Drew you and Helsea like Bree and Felicity will take the Juttah vows?" "No, just an old fashion wedding for us, I don't believe in them, you don't Drew or father don't." "Why don't you lay off of him, he was right about you wasn't he?" "About what Baldwin, that I was no longer human, that I no longer needed the love and the support of my family, my homebase?" "All While Bree explained those vows to me, what they would one day accomplish, one day mean, this taking out the middle wall, I could think of one thing, the supreme Christ and the conversation he had with that woman of Samria at Jacob's well, again Drew, Baldwin, the taking out of the middle man, laws, doctrines, and traditions of iron hearted men, his cunning craftiness that has
literally decimated the sons of men." "Whatever Dante man, whatever, Bree said it's time that you get dressed," as one finding a truly melancholy Vincent Dante sort of sitting alone in the front room had his next to the eldest brother Nathan worked up enough nerves to come in to him. "I want,actually Vince I need you to know my avoidance of you isn't to mock you, but that I'm really ashamed of the way I've mistreated you the last year or so, forgive me?" "There nothing Nate to forgive, I hope you're not second guessing your coming, it's was the right decision for all of us, will dad be there, at the wedding?" "Mom said he was to be or ready himself to sign divorce papers, ah, then most definitely he's to be there, dad is more
smoke and mirrors than anything, remember that." "You still have those vows?" With
brother Andrew coming in just as soon, would he not forget the conversation they had
about the Juttah Vows, was he more interested,"Bree just told me he gave them to you, sure, I hand wrote them for myself so you're welcome to them, I don't know Helsea and I could look over them, see what we really think for ourselves, good Drew, I'm happy for you and on that mark I best get ready, I do have a wedding to go to." For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12.

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