Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole IX

WR. 1992-1996

Scene IX

"For a while there I didn't think you were coming down," thinking Cadence
Nicole didn't look good, how she appeared in all places disorganized, of
course coming off of her best friend funeral, what else could be expected? "So
how are you?" "I hope you don't, they cremated her," moving this sorrowful,
even near to weeping sort along a curtain pinned to let in a bright sunny day.
"Can you freaking believe that?" "It wasn't a traditional funeral at all, they had
her in some fancy Vase, how they were going to fly her over some local lake
and dump her accordingly." "She didn't like the water even I knew that," as one
setting these astonishing near to tears eyes his directive speaking of time,
and how this horror is to past in all likeness would it indeed hurry? "And she
didn't like cremation, or so she said, the last time I saw her was actually the
last time I would see her." "I know my being a believer and all, knowing then
mankind’s true actuality is his coming from the womb and heading straight to
a burial plot." "I know how he's to by his unfailing faith and belief persuade as
many to Christ’s Kingdom coming as possible." "As many souls that is, as
he’s a curse, ministration and pathway continuously leading to death and after
that the judgment." "You think Vince we ever stop to think about how serious
all this is, how if there's no divine redemption mankind is beyond doom as
they're so interwoven and rooted into an astounding imagery that can never,
ever be authentic, life-sustaining or humane despite how extravagant they all
are?" "Tell me," as one instead coming into a seat to him, into a calm place
along this amazing, quite impressive study, a model caliber, Cadence Nicole. A beauty as she styling artist features, with bronze flawless skin at standing about 5’7. As so having an expert figure, with brown eyes donned by the most attractive long lashes and silken, ebony brown, shoulder length hair, in two words she was adorably
electrifying. "How much do you really know about this African Juttah, and what
is this about a Septennial, what is that to mean?" "I can only Cadence admit I
know very little, only what Phearce has described to me, how it's an extension
of grace, awarded heaven bond, by the Supreme's Christ marriage worshippers in the land of mankind." "A beyond imagination paradise on earth fashioned only for the redeem and safeguarded so by actual grim reapers which will punish evildoers instantly. "Grim reapers?" "Well reapers they're called, although some are to think they're similar to the cherubim’s left to guard Eden once the first Adam was banned. "It sound so heavenly yet at the same time so scary, in a mysterious way that is." "So if I need to know more I need to ask Phearce, well it would seem this Juttah is on some divine time table, how it has to be reached, occupied by believers before this supposedly Septennial or they're to be left behind to the proposed for the ancient man of prediction." "You mean this anti-Christ person?" "It all sound like someone's vivid imagination to me, perhaps, but the African Juttah is real
enough, as so the reapers, there are reports of people being carried off, being
found on that cursed hill, Negeb Ophel, intertwined so entirely, even dead." "How is your prayer life?" "Excuse me, I have yet to get a prayer group together for Mike,
how deep is your belief in spiritual things?" "I believe in miracles is that what
you're asking, yes, but do you believe only the Supreme in heaven is to grant
them?" "Of course, man can on his own do nothing but fail, ahhh," as one
happily, even playfully wrapping her arms into his at leading him her way did
they have other stops to make before arriving at the hospital. "One down and
lets hope a few more to go, you smell amazing by the way, as my lady do you,
as always." "What would you say Cadence if I told you I've always like the ideal of
being cremated, how the thought of worms and insects having at my carcass
despite how worthless it is isn't to set well with me." "We tend to get attach
don't we, being so wonderfully made, how it was one of the promises the
supreme made of the Christ, how his body wouldn't see corruption." "I know
Melrose family did what they thought was best, it's just that I'd planned so
entirely, intently for one concept of saying goodbye to her and, well you know."
"You remember when the sisters of Lazarus, Mary and Martha thought their
brother was gone, how they didn't know why Jesus had delayed for so long."
"They didn't know Cadence this Jesus was the resurrection of mankind, how he
was life eternal, how though you're dead in him, yet shall you live." "I remember
he asked them did they believe their brother would live again, and they said
yes, in the resurrection, and their he was Cadence, the first by Christ beckoning call ever to walk upon the earth resurrection of the dead." "You’ll see Melrose again, you're not to look for her in the soil, nor in the sea, but reigning with her Lord, as so promised the believer." "I mean like you she's a believer right?" "Yes, of course, there wasn't many of us, and we're more hated than appreciated but we were all believers." "Thank you, as one bringing them into a pause all to pleasure him,was Cadence Nicole so very impressed beyond words of this one, so very
mystified indeed. "You darling, darling man you, what a phenomena aware-
ness, of blessed hope, wow, how brilliant you are." "Believe me when I tell you,
flesh and blood did not reveal such things to me, to us, that was revelation
knowledge, that was holy and spirit." "That my dear man was an example of
how man haven’t seen, nor has he heard, nor has it entered into the heart of
man the things God, the Supreme creator has in store for those who love him,
you mean like the African Juttah no doubt?" "Yes, like the African Juttah, no
doubt." For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth
Eze. 8:12.

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