Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole XI

WR. 1992-1996
...Either This Light Or This Dark...

Scene XI

"The Door is for you, for me?" As one stressed into that reality, sitting,
sipping his glass, standing, "who would be at your door looking for me?" "You
could Vince go and see, ah, yes," arriving in the dayroom just in time to see
a visiting Cadence Nicole checking out Phearce's various art work. Cadence?" I
hope you don't mine that I just stopped by, when you wasn't home I assumed
you was here." "Wow he has some great paintings don't he?" "I thought you
were, I know out of town, I was I only just return last night." "Jay, short for Jason
went out of our abstinence bearing relationship so he could, well, experiment
with other females." "Come to think of it, " as one shrinking down away at
displaying three fingers, at demonstrating what was tearing her apart, she
wasn't well and that was apparent." "This is the third time and I just keep falling
for it, I just keep the faith, the trust that we can do this you know?" "Are you
alright?" Alright!" Visibly emotional at showing a more vulnerable side than
that displayed of her best friend death and cremation. "Haven't you heard
anything?" "I heard everything, you sure you're, can we go somewhere, meaning can I pull you away from this to a cafe near by, is that ok?" "Yes, sure, just let me tell my friends I won't be staying for dinner after all." "Hey Phearce man I'm gonna go," finding him finishing up steaks at the barbecue grill, a stunning, beginning to show Regan Central with him, were they this fantastic oouple. "Well Cadence is welcome to stay as well, we have more, no, she's not well, thanks and everything but she want to go somewhere private and talk, so I'll just takea rein-check, thanks man, Rig, yeah, you guys be safe." "That's strange, he told me she was in Washington State with her Fiancé for the next two weeks, her fiancé?" "Yeah Rig exactly." "You look very beautiful by the way, thank you, so do you look just as handsome, hey," that by his stout chin was she turning a curious as this Phearce eye to her eye, he's going to work this out, he's really wise about such things, you told me that remember?"
"Was that really ok, pulling you from your friends like that?" "You said you wanted to talk, so talk." "You're crossed at me, I can hear it in your voice, I'm Cadence crossed at myself, how could I not realize you were involved intimately with someone?" "That’s the last thing Jay and I have been is intimate, that seem to be the
problem, you're to abstain, you're to preserve yourself for marriage and
you're hanging out with a man who used to be tangled into the worse form of
fornication ever." "Do you miss it, do you miss him, is that why you hang
around him so much?" "I hang around him so much Cadence because he's my
friend, and no, now that I know the truth I don't miss it." "It wasn't such the
glorious lifestyle, it was very thwarting actually, I'm glad to be rid of it, glad i've found divine absolution in it's stead." "What about you, why are you yet
putting your faith in a guy who has proven himself unfaithful not once, twice but
three times, what's that about really?" "Jay is my high school sweetheart,
actually he’s someone I've known and loved, since the 7th grade." "He wasn't
like this at first, once he started college he simply became a whole different
person, yes I've heard college life can do that, all the parties, orgies, drugs
and liquor, all the temptation I guess." "That is why I keep trying to get him to leave that place, trying to convince him how terrible it has made him." "Although he only want to hear one thing from me, that I'm ready to seal our relationship by sleeping with him, i wouldn't be surprised if he got a bet going with his friends." "He's lost I know, like so many others, but I keep persuading myself, keep
trying to persuade him, so you left early so you wouldn't be tempted?" "Yes,
as one sweeping both cheeks simultaneously she didn't know what was happening
or if Vincent would ever trust her again, being this unstable. "And because I couldn't Vince stop thinking about you, I can't explain it, I zoomed back hoping I'd in no way jeopardized what we had, have I?" Taking his strong hand into hers soft midsection at petitioning him whether his astonishing feelings toward her changed at all? "I still Cadence think you are an incredible woman, I'm looking to make changes and I think only you Cadence is capable of such a relationship, ah I love it when you talk dirty to me." "Look I am starving, I pulled you away from dinner, come to my place and let me fix you something, I'm a pretty good cook, yeah me too, great, then we'll prepare something together." "Your place huh?" Springing to his feet did it seem as though Cadence Nicole was speaking of a place other than her aunt, which
was the only place he knew about." Yes, my place, Mel and I were roommates, I
didn't get to tell you that did I?" 'Which remind me, " as one wrapping her arm
into his arm like so, was it apparently over between her and Jason Clark but
she knew she hadn't seen the last of him, "I got to go and see Mike, like you,
he wasn't too happy with the prospect of me being gone for some two weeks."
"Like me?" "Yes I can still see the melancholic look you had on your face,
well announcing fiancé’s seem to do that to me, as it would Cadence to you,
to anyone, you do know you haven't seen the last of him." "I know he'll try, that
whatever he's to say will all be lies, that in some cases I'll be tempted, but
never have I loved or trusted another, so he's in for the greatest disappoint-
ment of his life." "You said love," halting them both in their tracks at getting an
eye to eye glance at her, to make sure she'd said right, that he'd heard right.
"Do you know what saying that to me, to any person of interest mean?" 'I
think I know," coming a darling whisper into his ear, did they not realize it but
they were standing right in the cafe's exit, with a patient line developing behind
them. "It mean Vince I want to make changes in my life, serious changes, and I want
you to be a part of those changes." Ah god, we have a line behind us," getting them both to the side, was a riveting to his blood, he didn't know how he’s to keep his hands off of her any longer Cadence Nicole, word for word quoting him, "sorry about that, thanks for your patience!" "Look I think it best, well Phearce gave me like this rein-check, I see, you don't trust us being alone, you mind?" No and yes, I've waited for you Vince all my life, a few more weeks isn't going to spoil us I know, but I want you, us all to overselves, trust me?" Ok, ok, I'll trust you, you better behave, I will, I promise." For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, Eze. 8:12.

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