Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole III

WR. 1992-1996

Scene III

-"What do you Cadence think about children, about bringing them into a
world gone horribly wrong?" "I try Vince not to think about it, not in that way."
With them both sitting relaxed back, hand in hand listening to his car stereo
was the scene, looking down upon a multi-color lit valley indeed lovely. "I think
of Children as being a part of martial intercourse, that if you’re to marry then
chances are you’re to bring new life into the world, believe me Vince the
supreme know full well what to do with them." "Such the expert answer, this is
an astonishing view by the way, so when was the last time you parked here?"
"My god Vincent was I so expecting that question, it was a few months ago."
"I was on a double date, blind date, double trouble if you ask me with Mike
and his latest, anyway it was such the flop." "Was it really or was it you being
such the Miss goody-too-Shoes?" "Ok I’ll admit I’m choosy about the guy I’m
to, marry, -my word did you see that, how we’re to lay our heads one into the
other simultaneously?" "Yeah I saw that, we should Cadence probably find a
chapel tonight." "Ah now that’s out of the ball-park cute, by the way you smell
so incredible, and she read minds too, what you think I smell good?" "No,"
sitting upright did he find himself this tantalizingly mesmerized into his very
blood stirring at her enticing perfume. "I think you smell incredibly tempting
and I mean how to contain myself incredible." "So tell me more about Vincent Maurice
Dante,” as one responding likewise to her playing and plaiting her lovely fingers into his, were they simply unspeakable together. “Well I thought I was gay, thought I had to be up until a few months ago, although I’m Cadence finding my way out, this is me, being here with you finding my way out." "I’m happy for you, you’re not just to see the Supremes’ divine light acting as a lamp to your path, but you’re to come into it, that’s the first step, huge Vince, step." "Yes I know there are strong forces trying to pull you back but greater is the light of righteousness anchoring your path, than these dark influences, and Caddy I’m to say flesh and blood did not reveal that to you, right?" "Right, for sure, is that, that’s a shooting star!"
"Yeap, we get a lot of those up here, wow that was incredible, you make a wish, yes, inhaling, exhaling deep at wrapping her arms tightly into his along a head to his soothing shoulder was Vincent Maurice, if only for this one night, already Cadence Nicole’s dream, wish and heart desire come true.

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