Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole XII

WR. 1992-1996

Scene XII

"I Better go," yarning hard, long into a stand had they apparently fallen
asleep in one the others arms, something especially Vincent did not intend.
"What time is that?" Trying to see a digital clock through sleep ridden eyes, if
correct in his assessment they'd been asleep for a while. "Two thirty, you're
seeing right, you may as well stay, no, I can't do that, Mel's room is free, that's
all I was suggesting. "No, even so, I can't," getting himself hurriedly to the door,
did Vincent not want to get himself into something he nor she intended. Plus
with the recent breaking news he didn't know whether he would yet pursue
her. "You're sure about this?" Having come to that door with him did Cadence
Nicole truly want him to stay as she'd grown very fun of him, that she possibly
loved him. "I kinda told Bree I would come over and I don't want, Bree?" "My
youngest brother, Ambrey, he and his girlfriend got something going on, they,
ok only it's like three in the morning." "I can't do this ok," visibly as one truly emotional, tempted in a, he was having a hard time keeping his hands off sort of way. "My god what, I'm working so hard Cadence trying to keep, keep, I mean your mouth, lips, alone, god this is so embarrassing." It was true she'd not stayed in the upscale apartment since Melrose's death, that she'd been somewhat afraid too. "You don't have to be ashamed," as one taking his hand into a passionate toss of his flawless mane, was Cadence Nicole firing in or of places she'd kept secret. "You think I don't imagine you, being Vince with you, in your arms, breast with you, where we're to hold one the other so tight, so permanently we're this one in amazing orgasms?" "I got to, to go," jerking his hand from her grasp like so
as those words, the imagination of her heart's fierce confessions stirred him in
already at limits, quite sordid places. "Ah god what is happening to me, what
are you doing to me?" Literally to tears again did he have to get away, out and
away, as far from her as he could or would they both find themselves in fiery.
That's hot, spinning to heaven and back relations they'd be sorry in the morning for.
"I'm gonna go to Brees and I'll call you later, -I really wish you would stay, you
could take a cold shower, or I could." "Shhhh, I think Cadence I'm in love with you, with that I think I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I don't want to, to mess this up." "Ah god you're so incredibly inviting, I can't tell you how hard this is, but I'm gone, and we'll talk later, -ok," as one sadly fitting worrisome strands
behind each ear at witnessing Vincent, the gentleman of all gentleman get way she would have to spend her first night in the apartment alone. <<<"Ah god you
scared the living hell out of me!" Sitting straight up in his bed aside him at
waking him up, appearing to him in his manner did he literally startle his little
brother to death. "Who are you?" It's me Vince, you got something to drink
in this place, how did you get in here?" "Ahhhh," as one displaying what could be only a hid a key, was he as well setting drowsy eyes into a clock trying to see the
time. "Did you forget I told you I was coming by, at three in the morning?" "By
the way you missed a really righteous bachelor party, bachelor party?" As one
sitting again into bed with him did he have a beer to his lips which to Ambrey
was strange, seeing his big brother didn't usually drink. "One, you didn't tell
me it was a bachelor party and two, whose the cursed female?" "You know
what, I'm so hung over until I see five or six of you, and each of you is holding
and drinking a beer, yes, cold, refreshing and satisfying." "The cursed as you
put it female is Felicity, and I told you, maybe that was your answering
machine, I left plenty messages it was indeed a bachelor party." "So who or
what got you guys chunking beer down or did you forget, you don't drink?"
"It's nothing, nobody," readily bringing tears to his eyes, those easily
designing his artist cheeks, did he sit up, away that he's to hide the fact he
was in all actuality falling apart. "Ah man you're more screwed up than I am
only you won't admit it." "I'll admit Bree that for the first time in my adult life
I'm in love with a female, a woman, this model caliber seductress I won't to
climb into in ways driving me insane." "My god, ah my god, yes, exactly, my
god, your god, I ran over here so I wouldn't mess things up with her, I had her
just where I wanted her." "Felicity huh?" "Have I meet her?" "Last Christmas,
when you made it known to the family you were gay, yeah kidda messed up
the entire family gathering, ah I do remember that, not so much Bree her, but
that." "I'm gonna let you get back to sleep and take all of us and go crash on
the sofa or something like that." "You didn't tell me her name, Cadence,
Cadence Nicole, I call her, while she's called Caddy for short, she's amazing,"
as one moving to the front of the apartment, was it probably good news his
brother was no longers hoodwinked by the greatest discretion of fleshly
immorality, that he was truly happy. "Really amazing Bree I kid you not, yeah,
just go easy on the beer, I need at least one of you to be my best man, me?"
Ha, isn't that something, me, yeah Vince you, so you get some sleep as well,
because noon tomorrow your little bro is taking on a wife." “Tomorrow noon,“ flopping a lay on the sofa, a look into the ceiling was the arm of the sofa too hard, meaning he needed a pillow. “Bree is getting married, her name is Felicity, and, and, I’m getting married, her name is Cadence Nicole, I'm getting sick, I guess Bree is right, I don't drink." For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, Eze.8:12...

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