Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nicole XXII

WR. 1992-1996

Scene XXII

…Enjoining In Desert Spoon Ang…

“Will the carnival man ever be back?” Sitting in a hot tub of silky smooth, calming waters getting her hair shampoo just in time for a little TV and bed, was Cadence Nicole really taken with Vincent. “I told you honey his name is Vincent, actually Mr. Vincent to you, and he’ll be back when he come back.” “I know what that mean, what miss smarty pants, what does it mean?” “Can I have something to drink, yes, when you’re finished, and that’s may I have something to drink, well captain may I?” “I miss daddy so much and now the Carne, the, Mr. Vincent is gone and not coming back.” “Well you dry off with Mr. Bunny and I’ll be right back, can I have milk, no water, but milk, yes and then young lady it’s off to bed.” “{{{Hello, talking a call just as she’s to exist the bath wondering who was calling her, seeing she get few calls, “is someone there, -your nose is bleeding, excuse me, hello, mom, mom! Yes, what?” “Your nose is bleeding, ah, so it is,” as one grabbing tissues like so, not to concern daughter Cadence but she hoped it wasn’t something serious , and that strange phone call just what was that? “Well it’s all gone, I’ll get your drink then I have to get back to work.” “Now who is this?” With the phone ringing an additional time did she ease in to see just who it was calling, and at this hour. {{{Hello Mar, what is wrong with the communicator there I’ve been calling for an hour, I don’t know mar, how you’re doing, how’s dad, everyone is fine, it is your dad who think there’s something suspicious going on with the satellites, that this is why we’re having so much trouble.” “Dad and his conspiracy theories again huh?” Where’s Ctenri, he’s there or out with his friends?” “Surprisingly enough he’s here, you want to talk, wait, hold on, hold, it’s Kyler, she wanna talk, hey Ky, so when am I coming to join you?” “I got spring break coming up, and I graduate this year you know, I don’t know Ctentri, this is New York, you sure you can do New York?” “That’s what you always say, so where’s baby Iron stein?” “Just about sleep I’m sure, what about Sky, how is she?” “You know she’s about to get her doctorate, so that’ll be Dr. Skyler Reinshorn soon, and she’s not letting any of us forget it, yeah that sound like Skyler alright, what is that?” Peeking into the nearest mirror, seeing her nose is to bleed additionally, ah I better go, I think I hear little Iron stein calling, ok, ok, I guess sis I’ll see you spring break, yeah, I guess.}}}” “What is this about?” Mommmmmy, I need you, I’m coming baby, I’ll be right there, just give me a moment.” >>>”What do you think mom, you think I should join Kyler for spring break, to be honest with you son, yes, yes I do, not that I’m honey rushing you off, well there’s that, but is it as well because I think it’s the best experience for you.” “To be honest mom, Chloe, Mike and Spenser are all contemplating Texas, so I don’t know as yet, it could be New York, it could be Texas, well it good son you have a choice, now choose wisely and clean up this
Pigsty.” “Yeah, bouncing a lay into bed at answering his communicator, was his friend for now Chloe calling to see of his decision which was yet up in the air. “Don’t ask, because I’m still undecided, look if I go to New York instead would you go with me?” “What kind of question is that?” “Maybe I Chloe just want us to spend some time, just you and I, and since when Ctentri are we to have that type of relationship?” “Since now, now right at this moment if you’re to agree, I promise to behave, we can still be just friends, just you and I.” “Just what Ctentri is Mike and Spencer to think of this little twosome of yours?” “Surely they’re going to feel abandoned, come on Chloe, that’s not an excuse right?” “They’re big boys, they’ll be just fine, unless you don’t want to part ways with them, to be honest I don’t want to go to New York, sorry, don’t be, that’s fair, completely, fair, we need to know like by mid-night, so we can ask Bronze, Bronze huh?” “Then midnight Chloe it is, talk to you then, yeah, sure, later, well that went just swell, but at least I got off, now I don’t have to wonder about it or her anymore, I better go shopping for a ticket to New York, boy won’t Ky be surprised.” >>>”Ah, my savior and friend, whatever man, I hope you got a cold bear to drink, I don, and don’t you be so modest, if it wasn’t for you I’ll being looking for another job.” “well it mad sense didn’t it, how where they going to take a tragedy and commit an additional tragedy when there could be triumph instead?” “man you should’ve seen the look on justice face, he was demanding my resignation, they all basically were and here this underwriter was doing and reminding them of their jobs that sorrow if we play our hand right can begot victory, I want you there you know, you want me where?” “when it’s Regan time, you know to deliver, I want you there, I’m not going to be able to it alone, all man you know I’m there, good I already told Rig and it’s fine with her, did I Vince ever tell you how much I hate your Frig?” “ther never anything in it, do you ever eat from your refrigerator, cook on your stove, no, not really, but you knew that, right?” “So is it going with you and Kieler?” “It’s not, {hello, yes this is Vincent Dante, you need me to come where?” “No it just that it all sound a little, about, I don’t know five minutes away,” as one hunking a shoulder of bedazzledment a curious looking Phearson Mcphearson way, it was local fire station, they had an emergency that involved him, it was all as though someone was playing a joke. “well if there’s to be no, other, yes, I’ll be right there, yes, yes, that ok, jyst give me like fifteen minutes.” “Hey you and guys aren’t planning a surprise right, I mean you would tell your best bud right?” “What is going on?” “that was the fire department, the east division, Lawson street, said they have an emergency, they need me to come down as soon as possible, tell me you guys are playing a joke, I promise I won’t get mad, no joke man I’m serious, unless it’s on me as well, then you’ll come with?” “Yeah, sure, why not?” “I wouldn’t miss it.”

>WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these moments, their explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with sacred godliness undefiled toward both God and man....See, Matt 22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-32

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