Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole XIV

WR. 1992-1996
...A Fumbling Acrobatics At The Whistling Wind...


"I can't Cadence tell you how, how, you don't have to say anything, this is very
special for me as well, that you would allow me to be a part of it all, that
Ambrey would." "You look amazing by the way, they Vince look amazing, it's
my first Juttah wedding, it's probably a first for us all." "You have such a
beautiful family, I mean drop dead gorgeousness just grow there, yeah, they're pretty incredible." "You’re pretty incredible, -what is that?" Seeing he's to meticulously unfold a slice of paper to her, that he's to all the more stir into the sweltering adrenaline already at play. "It's the vows, I wrote them down last night, we’ll talk about it later" that they're all to clap their hands and be the first to salute them, at the announcement that Luke Ambrey and Felicity Canary was now husband and wife. "That Bree, Felicity was astonishing," that out of a hug of her lovely neck, would he now begin introduction of the stunning female on his arm they were all whispering about. "This you two is Cadence Coledalay, Cad or Caddy is fine, that was really amazing, brought a little tear." "Thanks and it's a pleasure I'm sure, I'm angry at you Bree for beating me, but I'm right on your heels and how long Nate have you been saying that?" "Come, that he's to lead her away to finish the conversation they started earlier, even, she thought, to meet the parents. "Wow!" With astonishing eyes of hers growing up and all around at being completely overwhelmed, that's taken by this heart thumping surprise was Vincent leading her out into this unthinkably beautiful courtyard. "Are you sure it's alright we're to be out here?" "I helped plant most of these trees, flowers, and built this mouth watering gazebo, so it better be." "I'm literally blown away, this is so astonishing, so breath taking, my god I could live out here forever." "I want to touch you," as one having to control his emotionally, passionate heart, had he brought Cadence Nicole this way unto a virtual proposal. "I can do this, right, I can do this, I want to touch you, feel you, I want to see you, to spend Cadence my days and nights with you." "I want to climb into and come inside of you, but I, we can't do any of those things unless we're, we're vowed together as one." "All while we stood witnessing Bree and Felicity, while we all stood, um, anyway I kept
imaging or wishing it was you and I finally becoming husband and wife, imaging that is until I was Cadence reminded of your on again, off again fiancé Jason and just the thought of that seem to spoil everything." "Hey you two, we're off to the reception, I'm right, we're right behind you guys, don't forget the best man mean the bride and groom have a toast coming." "I don't know how to tell you this, but there is no Jason, excuse me, yeah Mel and I sort of made him up to keep ill-intentional boys at bay." "I don't, ill intentional boys, is that what I look like to you?" "No, that isn't what I meant, you're the most special man, no, human being I'm to know, you've discovered Vince what the world for centruries have lost, it's very, God given trait, humanity." "I never meant to hurt you," but it was apparent, he was hurt, turning his back to her, away from her when he'd become so close, so passionate. "It was, was, a subterfuge right, a bamboozle, but his was only just last night, I can't believe you lied to me." "I must have looked a fool everytime my heart spilled over in tears, no, that's not it at all, like you Vince I only have one opportunity to get this right, to do this right, I can't afford to screw this up, we can't." "I can't believe you allowed me to worry so over something of your, of a childish imagination, how impersonal, no!" That’s she to come upon him, mend this heinous misunderstanding, even miscalculation, mend him, this pending paradise. "I said no!" "Just, just go home, ok, just go!" "I can't go home, not without you, can't you see that?" "I've found him, the man I'm to spend eternity with, you want the Juttah Vows, good, I’ve known them for ten years now." "I Cadence Nicole, I'm not a child, I'm a woman, I fully understand the vows I will make." "I Cadence Nicole being of sound mind and body, standing before, no," leaping up, into her pouring out of her heart and soul, a gentle touch to her incredibly edible mouth, lips at silencing her for now did he as he desired in ways unspeakable move to strike, to smooch her on those delectable lips, it's warm breath, tongue,
did he as he'd desired mightily since he first saw her kiss her. "Ah god you taste so good, so incredible, -we better go, but you got me firing, blistering in places I dare not speak of, shhhh, taking her hand into his leading her, at bringing her his way, he hadn't told her, but if he's to have his way, brother Andrew and himself just may have a double wedding. "You can ride with me, we're come back for your car, I don't think I can wait," as one climbing additionally his neck, unto that delectable ear, that vivacious spoor of his, that she's to climax without him, along a deeply imbeded kiss. "It's somighty, so exclusive, marry me,commit us both Vince to the Juttah Vows and be mine for all eternity, -yes, but not here, not now, this is
Brees time, his astonishing moment, let us get to him." "Phearce, as one shaking his hand into a kind hug of his neck, when did you guys get here, Regan?" "Vince, we got here just as the bride and groom were being announced, wow you guys look great, as do you and Caddy, fantastic actually." "We better get, yeah, thanks for waiting for us, I didn't know Bree was having a Juttah ceremony, neither did I Phearce until last night, or early morning, man how glorious was it all, yeah I can't even imagine." "Regan and I were thinking of reciting our vows like so, not because we have to, yeah,I know, because you want to, yeah, exactly." For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12.

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