Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole X

WR. 1992-1996

Scene X

"I know Apache what you told me, how it’s all make believe but people are beginning to ask many questions, especially about this proposed Septennial." "This is insane, you and I both know Sioux the closest these people will get to a true African Juttah is by way of the great gathering of saints, that for seven years the first resurrected saints will be suspended into a divine furlough." "Herein knowing this and believing this one day I simply decided to call this little suspension The Septennial, it sound good." "I never knew what it actually meant, none of it, I only just suppose Sioux you know that, I only just suppose." "Well what If I told you this exodus of yours, which Apache I've come to realize is indicative of the great falling away, have an heir." "A Preece Ebonee Be’le, African breed and born and a following of young God and marriage worshippers inconceivable?" "They have this astonishing concept of your Juttah, how perhaps this seven year get away with Jesus Christ will or could be spent in an undisclosed area on this planet, between the original Garden of Eden and Heaven, an archetype heaven on earth." "Now what is this Septennial, what does it mean, is it even a word?" " Of course Sioux it’s a word," as one moving important articles from a sitting chair, that brother Sioux is to make himself comfortable. "It’s a biblical word, that's how I choose most of these words, from a bible dictionary, but never Sioux for their meaning, for their sound and what that sound implicated." "How is all of this possible?" "These things are only the imagination of my head, I created an African heir, a proposed twenty-year extension of Grace, world exodus unto the redeemed, this proposed deliverer to one day rule this nation and the world simply because it was something other than white man continuous rule and colonization of this planet" "I understand that, still the word Septennial, what does it mean?" "I’m telling you you’re not going to believe me, it’s literally hair-raising that I knew nothing of its meaning prior, -please, just flatter me." "A Septennial is something that’s to happen every seven years or in sequences of the number seven." "It goes back to the Jewish Shmita cycle, the Hebrew word Shmita Sioux is translated as Sabbatical, the Sabbatical cycle is a cycle of seven years, which HaSham commanded His people to observe, -Hasham?" "It’s another name given god as not to take the Supreme’s original name in vain." "It again goes back to the synagogue, the Torah, how the Torah is read twice in seven years, it is referred to, this seven year Torah cycle as the Septennial." "I mean we’ve never Sioux thought of the great gathering, that’s to last for seven years as a form of sabbath but there you go." "So when you indicate how believers, marriage worshippers of the Christ best arrive in the Juttah before the Septennial you’re saying before this final seven year shmita?" "Yeah," as one moving off unconvincingly at flopping into a seat, could Apache Arrow not believe he was being drilled this way, not about his more than ten year old fictional work, the Africn Juttah. "If that’s what you want to make of it, -that’s amazing, I know, how can something I made up out of the imagination of my mine come true?" "It can’t, not Apache without divine inter-vention, yeah but it’s all crazy, why, why is it? "Come on Sioux a type of Moses, a world-wide exodus, ---it won’t Apache be the first time the Supreme has done something astronomically unbelievable with purpose to protect." "To Apache safeguard not just a remnant of mankind, but His eternal will thereunto, yes like a Moses, a Noah, an Abraham and Lot." "It's all indicative of that voice crying aloud, ‘see thou hurt not the oil and the wine,’ all so His will wouldn’t be thwarted." "When the Christ use parables, story-telling, to teach and unveil spiritual things, because said things are otherwise foolishness to those who don’t believe." "Suppose Apache it was with purpose to all the more unveil the very character of Supreme Gods visible upon this planet now for the ancient?" "What is it?" "I can see your wild imagination brewing?" "I just wonder how much of your fictional material Apache is born from multiple prophetic and revelational dreams and visions pregnant with a glorious fulfillment that just couldn’t wait?" "How it all wasn’t just you supposing, but what Supreme spirits had confirmed as unthinkable realities pending all looking through a mirror darkly." "I’m reminded Apache of these dreams I had some ten or so years ago, one was my being taken by Holy Spirits on this journey, this long excursion along the identical path Moses and the Israelite took into Canaan land." "In the other, while in the alternate dream I was approached by one who said to me, “he want to see you and I said who?” “And he said him, when suddenly I saw an image, an elaborate figure with brightness in likeness to the sun move from behind a mountain yet it spoke, it spoke Apache and said, “let my people go." "Ah come on, why would the Supreme bother with a world-wide exodus when all he’s to do is ascend into the heaven and call the redeemed up to him?" "He's going to do that, just as he promised but who’s to say Apache how once the church bride is glorified, the marriage supper and all, that this unthinkable blessed hope won't be spent in the Garden of Eden allowing this redeemer." "Remember many people Apache when present-day systems, Babel is smite suddenly killing and scattering many, what will happen to millions of refugees, not only in Europe, Africa, and England but the Americas?" "All I’m hearing Sioux is somebody here has been deceived and I don’t think it’s the Supreme, no, remember when the Christ told the disciples how there was much still he was to tell them but they couldn’t bear it, perhaps the Supreme Spirit gave you in very fragmented details of revelational intelligence what the next and final, heaven induced era of mankind was to be like because they knew Apache straight-out you couldn’t bear it." "A world exodus and this Preece Ebonee Be’le is a present day deliverer, meaning Apache (Preece, Black Beauty) yes, sort of, but not Apache he himself alone, not by far." "So you're Sioux saying you believe this?" "It's about the Supreme taking his out, those redeemed, saving them from the evil to come, it's biblical Apache, has been since the prophets of old, what's not to believe?" ." <<<"I still can’t believe it Vince, your father is the world renown minister/ evangelist Paylor, you know we recognize him as our spiritual teacher, and mentor, yes I see it on your face." "How Cadence despite all the controversy, he’s such a spiritual giant, I just can’t believe it, wait until I
tell the others, I mean you don’t mind if I tell the others right?" "Of course not,
it’s not a secret I just don’t wear it like a banner on, -and you have how many
siblings?" "There’s eight of us in all, one died in child birth so seven, four boys
and three girls, I take it you don’t see them that much?" "No, but soon I figure, that remind me," as one easing a play of his hand into her lap did Cadence Nicole upon exiting the auto have a bit of concerning news. "I’m going to be away for a few days, a couple weeks actually, Washington State, I don’t understand, Jason, my on again, off again fiancé has asked that I come, that we spend some time together, talk, see if we can resolve our differences." "I know I should’ve told you something sooner," as one readying the door that she’s to make an exit although Vincent didn’t know her that well did this not seem like her. "But everything happen so fast, so, no,it was naïve of me to think there wasn’t a special someone in your life, I mean
you’re perfect." "Yeah but I didn’t mean to lead you on or any, you didn’t,
you’ve been the perfect lady, friend." "I guess I kind of lead myself on, does this mean you won’t be accompanying us, me to New Africa?" "It’s difficult that I’m to
know at this point, you don’t strike me Cadence as one whose to be undecided
about things so personal, even so permanent, I’m not usually, which is why I
think I need this time." "No," that he’s to open his door, get out as well, see her
to the house "I’ll be fine, I’ll call you as soon as I’m back in town, if that’s ok?"
"Sure, of course, then I’ll talk to you then, yes, you be safe, yeah you, too." "By
the way I like what you've done with your hair, thanks, it was my barber's ideal,
she thought it accent my eyes more, it does, you are Vince even more drop
dead gorgeous, if that's possible, see you when I see you, yeah, see you, -when, I, see you.” For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze.8:12.

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