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Nicole XVII

Nicole XVII
WR. 1992-1996
...Clashing Through The Damater Due Proud...
"My friends call me Phearce" did a towering, wholly sumptuous Phearson
McPhearson manage inconceivably at finding a though wowed an impressed
Regan Central at an array of onlookers in her most private of places. "How did
you do that?" Disappointedly watching him take a seat so unannounced,
Phearson McPhearson was actually as Celeste proposed discovering her. "I
mean how did you find me here of all places?" "Surely Regan you didn't think it
would be that easy," all the better comforting himself, were the entire studio of
them mightily astonished with gossip and whispers. "That I would let you say
goodbye without facing me directly?" "If you indeed read the letter, I take it
Regan this isn't what you wanted, that I'm to find you, persuade you I'm the
one and none other?" "If you read, look at me Regan," leaning into a clearer
comprehension of her, that for person to person clarity handling her stubborn
chin into direct attention. "I've come all this way at least you're to talk to, if you
Mr. McPhearson read the letter you're to know how impossible it's writing."
"You think my lord saying goodbye in person will be all the more easier?" "I
won't believe this" with tears shimmering, quite marvelous eyes cut away from
him, from this unbelievable circumstance, unto a wipe of her cheek, upon her
chin away. "That you're act, you thought Regan those extraordinary letters of
yours no doubt fell on deaf ears?" "Or my lord like millions of others, a deaf
dumpster." "Tell me Regan about this cleavage" proving he's trustworthy
enough at not only reading but exacting said interest in her writing. "Please,"
that she's to instead move her resting hand out of his reach, that he's to be this
forward, this compassionate. "I imagine it is first humility illogical, that it is
second my lord an inexpressible, literally unutterable relinquishment and, --and
third Regan submission." "It's Regan being lost in another that is miraculously
your most failed but celebrated self, not only being in love, but recreating love,
right?" "Now why again are you here?" Did a caustic form of Regan Central
evenly annoy this rigorous self-proclamation of his. "You're crossed with me, I
don't believe you, " as one packing that satchel for the get away was his direct
visitation too unthinkable to be plausible "I don't believe any of this." "This Mr.
McPhearson like you've been for the last three years is a figment of my
imagination, that the more I disbelieve you, this agonizing fact looter you'll
fade away." "You Regan not only despise me but you're to punish me?" "I'm
to leave you, " displaying herself even more nasty did she spring up, coat fold over
her arm, purse to her shoulder, suitcase in an additional hand along this
hostile leave "good day Mr., sit," as one raising into this partial stand at taking
a hold of her, at explaining his relentless neglect, even betrayal. "Sit Regan
Central or I'll make a terrible scene, ---I apologize " skeptically flicking con-
tinuous eyes, recoil as this into a sniff of nearing emotions of his own was she
even more stunning in person. "Please Regan I'm so very, ---you apologize,
apologize Mr. McPhearson for what?" "For being so contrary and ignoring you
all these years, now please," eventually persuading her back along her seat,
with him rushing up, around to her to help her, did he glance marvelously at the
distinctness they yet spoke privately. "Everyone Regan like you said write,
they write this impression of which you speak, this mental invention, this expert
illusion. "Although when you write I not only know you, I know myself, I know to
be truly happy, to be at a manner of true peace, joy Regan I must be honest
with myself, with you." "I guess what I'm trying to say is you got my attention, I'm
Regan in love with you and it is there I want to remain." "Although as you know
so much is against it, I'm not free, ---yes I know" as one studying long into the
promises of love and commitment she'd made Herenton only days prior. "I'm
Regan as a little boy blue, lost and confused, listless, yes" again as one agreeing knowledgeably was he striking upon all the tender, wholly tried places of her at odds heart. "I know all too well." "I'm often Regan persuaded
of this place of escape and none but her cleaving to me like I'm her own blood
and flesh is finding me, pleasuring me is that a dream?" "One my lord made to
come true I assure you." "They worry me often," displaying himself his most
dissolved emotionally was he nervously bending and straightening a recent
flyer. "These faith looters and to escape I wrap myself in the pleasure of your
words and soon it's there, only there Regan Central I find a recourse, often
times even an unspeakable yet bearable calm, how could I let that get away
you know?" Was this really happening, was she and Phearson McPhearson not only having this eye to eye, heart to heart conversation but this literally unspeakable agreement, even god-sent? Such
the doll himself, those incredible flaxen eyes of his, that well deserved to be
kissed, to be nursed mouth, tongue, those sizeable, quite soothing hands of
his, the most popular, sort after bachelor, new anchor in the nation, even the world.
“Yes again I know.“ Did she evenly that her heart bleed into words so honestly
on paper it was causing a man of his caliber, of his world-wide status at spilling
himself naked and bare into her throbbing heart? "I was off to Germany for a year
just now, it is to be Lorna's and my honeymoon, a working celebratory if you will." "Will you Regan wait for me?" "Wait that you're for a year to have a wife and a honeymoon?" "No that you're to trust me and
wait, and what my lord of my own desires?" "That you're Regan to trust me"
displaying himself an elegant, utterly vigilant one assigned to her distressing
Uncertainty clearly what was this foolery? "And wait." "Is that too much to ask?"
"Yes," amusing her own-self by this terse reply what on earth manner of sacrifice was this seeker of her
soul encouraging of her? "God as my supreme yes, clearly, ---though I will trust and
foolishly having my head examined or not I will wait." "I new it, I new I could, ---you didn't tell me
Phearce how you of all places found me here?" "I'm part news anchor and
part explorative reporter, ok I showed up at your place and a stunning female,
Celestra?" "Yes, she directed me to here." "A honey-moon in Germany," did
she beautifully recount the folly of both their ways as both of their futures would
weigh In the balance, even Herenton Egan. "Wow!" "All I can say is you people
go all the, way. “Won't you Regan tell me more about this cleavage" as one
seizing her soft hands into a play of her delicate fingers along his impressive
grip, was he strikingly dependent. "About how vulnerable in our flesh-like, human being, that no doubt sacred marriage and bleeding heart we're to perhaps be." >>> “This is delicious, and,
and coming to my sense so unlike me, I can’t believe this, ---did I do something wrong?”
Obvious to him how suddenly she’s to become uncomfortable, how she’s to even move
up, off, like in a panic. “No, I mean of, I’ve never done this before, done what?” “You
mean eat lunch before?” “Not with a strange person, I’ve never come on to, to, you know,
this is all so spontaneous and I think I’m leaving.” “Please don’t, yeah give me one sane
reason why I shouldn’t, I’ve met you before, in an alternate reality, just days before you, you,
You know, came here.” “Only Kyler I knew and loved you as Cadence Caddy Nicole.”
“What, ---what the hell did you just say?” “I know how it sound, but that Ca, Kyler is what
I ex, experienced.“ “I was in a coma, unknowingly, you worked with me, was a colleague
I sort of had a crush, should I continue or will you insist on, ---but in this other reality you
knew me according to my daughters’ name?” “Again I know how it, ---is that why I feel
such an overwhelming attraction to you, almost as though I, I, ---I got to go,” as one nervously
grabbing her things into a stand, her, coat, truly the both of them had stumbled into a form
of twilight zone. “None of this make sense,-- perhaps it would, only if we believe, believe I
love you, no that I’m in love with you, ---a man I don’t know from Adam.” “I was about to
ask you to marry me, when I awaken instead in a hospital with five crew members dead from
a hurricane, and you, you Kyler the only woman in this world I’d found myself attracted,
no I loved you, but now you were no where to be found.” “What do you want me to do, say?”
“You know what you’re saying right?” Standing a few feet from him, that they’d captured
the attention of the entire outdoor resturant and with great, admiring interest. “That we met
and fell in love in some kind of alternate reality, it’s not possible, but here we are Kyler,
here, together.” “It’s so possible we were, just before you came to our senses, we were eating
lunch and planning a whole day together.” “My god,” wipping, as so sniffing at readied tears
at realizing, he was right, what were the odds she would end up at his work place, as a member
of his team? That they would actually be attracted to one the other, evidently, the miraculous
was already happening? “Let us both get out of here, today is perfect for a ferry ride.” “Are you
sure, yes,” happily getting his things, his jacket, that they would again make something special of a
lovely as this day. “Of course, if we’re to be nothing but friends we can’t look this astonishing
gift in the mouth begrudgingly right, how often Kyler do we ask for miracles and think he’s just
not listening?“ “Plus Vincent, a ferry ride sound absolutely incredible, good, my thoughts exactly.”
For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. From Beast of
Beauty fea. Meshullum Kadesh. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford,
The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) © Copyright 1992-1996 By: R.A.M., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these moments, their
explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with sacred godliness undefiled
toward both God and man...See, Matt 22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-

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