Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole VI

WR. 1992-1996

Scene VI

-"So how is Mike?" "You mean for someone that should be dead?" "I
thought only the Supreme Caddy held that power in his hand, and what
purpose Vince would the supreme have at taking Mel this way, huh?" "My god
why did you bring me here, better yet why did I come?" "Ours Caddy is a
curse of death which ensnare us in a net when we least suspect it, we all know this." "And Mike’s driving drunk was the net, is that it?" "I’m not the same person Vince I was that night, I don’t know if I can ever be again, you should possibly get far,far and away from me." "I don’t believe that, if I did I wouldn’t have found you
this day, I would’ve left you to your ghost." "Various trials Cadence cause us to
response in ways we’re not always privileged, that our families and friends are
not always privileged." Though isn't that Cadence because we’re various branches of
personality, but we’re altogether one human being." "I know I should go and
see him, hold his hand or something as he ask for me often, but I’m so bitter I
could tear his impaired hands right from his arms completely." "My best friend
Phearce has asked me to the African Juttah with him and his newest wife Regan Central will you come with us?" "Isn’t that something of a proposal, to marriage that is?" "Is it?" "I’d not for the life of me Cadence considered it, I simply want to get you away, and the African Juttah I’m told is too phenomena for mere words."
"And you would actually take me?" Witnessed as one swabbing both of her cheeks simultaneously at being this emotional did she tear out the door, escape into the fields yonder, into a too awesome for words sunset. "Do you run because you agree or disagree?" "Caddy!" "Do not come after me," hearing he’s to remove himself from the auto as well, russle through the tall weeds, that he’s to come after her directly, persuade her. "Please, not just yet, please, just let me think, consider such the offer." "This is not a proposal, I know, you proposed the first night we’re to sit at, how can you be so sure?" "I’m not sure, I simply know if you Cadence marry me I‘ll treasure you until death itself part us." "Some weeds can be so beautiful can’t they?" As one dancing and frilling through the tall brush perhaps there were snakes,
even scorpions and even more of those nets Vincent spoke of simply waiting to ambush the innocent at heart. "Will this be your first time going, the African Juttah I mean?" "Yes, it’ll be a first for us all, so are you coming?" "I must see
him, Mike, although I don’t want to, of course you must see him, you love him
like a brother, there is no greater love." "I had a dream of Melrose the other
night, in the dream everything I treasured had been scattered abroad by this
major storm." "I was dead and Melrose, my mother and others of my deceased family had come for me, Melrose asked me what was I going to do once I got there and I happily threw my head back and flung my arms toward the heavens and I sai "sing." "I can sing a little, I believe you, I also believe we best get to the hospital before visiting hours are over, we, you mean you’ll come with me?" "For as long as you my Lord desire,then you’re right, we best go while the hour is right." "Could I meet them, these marvelous friends of yours?" "Regan Central, and, well Phearce you know, no not formally and if we’re going half way around the world together, yes I see what you mean." "Wait is that a yes?" "Well, what can I say?" I know, it's definately not a no, ok, ok, I can accept that for now, it's better than a no, at least I think so."

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