Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole XVI

WR. 1992-1996
...The Acorns Are Falling Dear Sura...


"All I’m saying you’re not going to be able to run from her forever, I’m not
running, yeah, out of all the people in the cafeteria she’s to come to you, to sit
with, she chose you." "Only Phearce because she’s to meet the team, I am it’s
primary leader, yeah whatever, and just Phearce when will I officially meet this
Regan Central?" "You probably never will, Regan has a proficient intended that
everybody is crazy about, everybody Phearce except Regan Central." "Let me
see if I can get this right, Herenton Edin, or Evan, close, man, Herenton Egan,
how the, yes Phearce say it, how are these things so right on target with you
and her?" "Maybe this is about you and her, that it isn't about this Kyle,
Cadence deal at all, I beggar to differ with you, she's in love with you Vince,
everybody can see it." "I said it Vin man and I'm not taking it back, it's
obvious, in a she doesn't know what's happening to her, just that she got the
hots for a man she doesn't even know." "Do you know how insane that is, yes,
but not any less true, the miraculous is happening, hopefully Vince not just to
us, but to all those deciding upon the supreme Christs as lord and eternal
tranquility." "Although believe me when I tell you she's somewhere trying to
find a way into more than your good graces, the limitless heart thereof, but
how to entangle herself so intimate into you, your very blood boil." "Do you
ever answer your phone, my gracious?" "It's only them, them?" "Drew,
Baldwin, them, they want to see me, make amends for the last year and a
half." "Forgive as you ought," as one folding a jacket carefully over his arm
was he getting out, away, perhaps to Virginia to finally meet face to face this
one and only Regan Central. "I saw the footage from that night, after the
standing-ovation they gave me when I walked into reviews it just happen to be
the footage from that night." "It wasn't a pretty sight, but how could it be?" "Five
people Phearce entrusted to my judgment died, yes but it was Nora's ideal,
yes, perhaps, but headquarters had ordered us into a shelter but no, before I
knew how much danger we were in we were being tossed around on our
asses and then nothing, not until I woke up in the hospital room." "You want to
know how I discovered Regan?" "I was in Claudson office looking for my assign-
ment for that week and there they were, a box of fan letters addressed to me."
"If I'd never Vince been searching around Claudson office I never would've
found those letters and I never would've found her, would've never known she
even existed." "Even so If you'd never met with that accident I would be satis-
fied, perhaps even deceived with the fact she has a fiancé and wouldn't have
persued her any further." " You know how we're instructed never to lean upon
our own understanding, but in all our ways trust the supreme and he shall
direct our path?" "I really believe Vince this is one of those times, I'm going to
go meet and fall head-over hills in love with Regan Central and she with me."
"And you, you're going to call your siblings, make amends, after what they've
been through these last weeks, believe me they're more than ready to wel-
come their black sheep brother back into the fold." " Hey, I like your hair cut close to your head like that, how Vince it's to blend so perfectly into your facial stubble, make you quite riveting, thanks, don't Phearce come back without her, I won't I promise." "The one thing I truly admired was how in this alternate reality we'd Phearce become the best of friends, simply amazing, how we understood one
another, was always there for one another, as I said truly extraordinary." "See
you soon, yes, soon." "It's Phearce right?" "Yes, I was told," seeing she's to
stand eye to eye with a just as shock to see her at his door as Phearce Mc-
Phearce had he apparently been right about her. "I'm sorry to show up at your
door so unannounced but I've been calling and calling." "If you will Kyler I was
just leaving, ah yes, nice seeing you again, and you Phearce, may I come in?"
"Or should I, no , please come in," that he's to momentarily give an escaping
Phearce this at odds look just as he's to close the door. 'I'm so new in town
and would love to have someone, ah you Vincent show me around, why me?"
Having yet to clear the door as if he didn't expect her to visit for long which
made her all the more unwelcome. "I can't really answer that, I mean I'll beg if
you want me too, no, there's no need for that, to be honest I wouldn't know
where to start." "You live here right?" "I mean you're a native New Yorker and
all, ok," as one coming instead around him to the door, this tall, luscious hunk
of a man, did she feel her silliest. "This wasn't a good ideal, I told myself that,
boy did I tell myself that." "No, actually, Ky, ler, I would be glad to be your
escort, it's all routine to me is what I meant but we have drovers for hire just
for this purpose, so if you give me a moment, I'll be right with you." "There's some juice, tea, if you like, just help yourself," as one calling from the back room to her had Kyler Michell aready made herself at home finding this mountainous view balcony view of his. For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12.

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