Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole VII

WR. 1992-1996

Scene VII

-"The mystery is resolved I see, not hardly," welcoming a hot cup at easing
into a clearing at seeing Cadence and Regan possibly dabbling in girl talk
were the nights getting more and more cool as winter and spring aggressively
opposed eachother. "Far from it I’m afraid, we just left the hospital visiting her
cousin who was in a deadly accident that very night." "My god, deadly?" "Yes,
one claiming his fiancé and Cadence’s best friend for all time Melrose, when I
did discover her Phearce at home she’d locked herself away vowing to never
come out." "That’s horrible, really, yeah I want to thank you for letting us visit on
such short notice, ah believe me we can definitely use the company." "So how
is she, how is Regan?" "I wish I knew," as one all the more privatizing their
conversation at parking his worried self a back against the sink to him.
Phearce McPhearson was yet reeling over the grave conversation they’d had
recently. Of course Regan was still there, but he yet felt she didn’t trust him,
didn’t trust the relationship, but how could she, after Herenton Egan? "I mean I
can hardly Vince put into words what she mean to me, I, I, don’t know what’s
happening and how so fast you know." "Yes, that’s the thing Phearce I do
know, how is this happening?" "Right now as we speak I’m contemplating
how I’m to say good bye or goodnight to Cadence, the main reason I’m here
is because I just wasn’t ready to take her home." "I don’t think I will ever be,
what in heavens name is happening to me, to us?" "Something Vince not of
this planet I assure you, something no doubt heavenly, but why us?" "And what
caused Regan Central first correspondence?" "And what’s more frightening if
she’d not written, how would I have ever found her, my Vince very soul mate?"
"Hey you guys gonna spend the night in there?" "It’s tempting, this soup is that
good, but, no hun we’ll be right out." "I asked Cadence to come to the African
Juttah with us," as one shaking a tickle of himself into a sip of his cup at
saying, at admitting, where these things unimaginable only a few months ago,
things this miraculous, "how insane is that?" "She took it Phearce as a pro-
posal to marriage, was it?" "I don’t know, perhaps, I think so, even hope so, is
this even real, don’t," shaking an unfriendly finger Vincent’s way were they not,
not, going down that forked road additionally. "I think I changed my mind,"
rubbing chilled arms at coming into the kitchen, into the stove, along a glance
into the soup pot, seeing there was just enough for her. "I think I will have
some soup, any crackers?’ "Every kind you can think of I assure you, Regan
like her crackers, help yourself and I’ll see you two kids in the front." "Ah I hope
it taste as good as it smell, it does I assure you, they’re really nice, sort of sad,
in a misery need company sort of way, but really darling." "Well I think you’re
really darling," out of a peck to her cheek at looking around the kitchen for a
tray, at helping hersef, what a phenomenon it all was, Phearce married and
he not that far from it, or so he hoped. "The answer is yes, yes I’ll mar, come
to the Juttah with, ump," spilling her mouth slightly, happily, at being her most
tickled was the hot dish as awesome as she’d expected at getting themselves
out, he in the lead. "So did Phearce tell you, we’re expecting, expecting
what?" "I’m sorry, Rig is pregnant, my god how soon is, ah, wow, while, yeah
congrats, thanks, I don’t wanna wait either, as soon as it’s final, you know,
yeah, boy do I know." "Cadence has agreed to come with us, to the Juttah and
all, well I think I’m going to like that, going alone with these two nod heads
wasn’t encouraging." "I think I hear the kitchen dishes calling me, can I help?"
Sure, please, we can discuss plans for our once in a lifetime trip." "Pregnant?"
As one easing into a seat along side of a faroff Phearson was it evident they
were discussing a pregnancy by rape, by the deranged fiancé. "Not now ok
Vince, plus it’s to be exactly what Regan Central want, that you’re to talk me
out of this uneasy situation." "I want to do something meaningful with my life
for now on, I not only Vince want this, I need it." "And there’s no way it’s
yours?" "Rig and I have never been intimate, possibly won’t be until the baby
is born." "Hey I say if it’s what you want, then for sure go for it, it is and I am,
going for it, that’s why I’m here, why she’s here." "Believe me Vince right here, regan central, and now Cadence Nicole, it's all the answer to the question, why do fools fall in love?" "They're why, incredible woman like themselves."

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