Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole V

WR. 1992-1996
Scene V

"I apologize for arriving so unannounced but I’m to understand a Cadence,
Nicole, Caddy isn’t seeing anyone, if you will leave a message I will be more,"
no!" "Not to be rude madam but I’ve left a million messages, Cadence and I
went out the other night and I haven’t seen or heard, so you’re Vince, the guy
from her job?" "Yes, yes ma’am I am, please," instead moving aside to his
entry at leading him into the foyer did Aunt Mattie know how Cadence Nicole
really trusted this one. "Come in, are you her mother?" "No I’m her aunt Mattie,
it probably Vince happen the same night you two went out, a really bad car
accident, "excuse me?" Obviously spiraling his nerves along dramatics un-
explainable was she about to tell him Cadence was hurt, even dead?" "She
and Mel was so close," as one easing worriedly, even mysteriously into a seat
at bringing him down right along did Vincent now know why he’d not heard
from her as she’d met with some accident." "I tell you Vince she broke down in
ways, I mean she’s been sedated every since, sedated, you mean she isn’t
dead?" "Ah nall, thank god, but her friend Mel is, as so her cousin’s fiancé,
his, Mike’s condition was just upgraded to serious, although he’ll probable
never walk again." "He was driving, driving drunk they say, chances are if
Caddy hadn’t left the party with you, well you know." "So where is she,
where’s Cadence?" "She’s upstairs,” as one noting his curious glance dance
about the staircase in question, even Cadence’s where about was he urged to
tear right into them. "They released her today, they thought they would have to
keep her another night, she took it that hard, that’s why I’m, well can I see
her?" Setting curious eyes again up the staircase at coming into a stand, all
Vincent wanted to do at this point was see her, perhaps even speak to her.
"Well, she’s not to have, I don’t know she’s so close to you, I won’t be
long, I guess you can see if she’ll talk to you." It's, as one arriving, pausing
long at the end of the stairs at him speeding up, getting directly to her. "It’s the
third room on the right, just beyond the hall bath, uh, he is something cute alright
and so caring it's easy to see why she‘s so impressed by him"

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