Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole XV

WR. 1992-1996
...Tis Acorn Unfullfilled...

Scene XV

"So how is she?" Bringing a somber Phearson a very welcomed glass of Sherry, was the reception getting to be something just as amazing as the Juttah wedding
itself. "Of everything she's been through remarkly well, I shutter, and I Vince
mean that literally, where she would be without, you, you know, come on you can
say it, without you." "Yeah but she have like three incredible brothers who
are so amazing to her, yeah, yeah, but neither one of them can be the superman husband Phearce you've been to her." "And now ladies and gentlemen for the toast," spinning off as one bringing all attention his way,did Vincent Dante appear to be larger then life at presenting the most special toast. "Raise your liquor glasses, wine, tea and even lemon-aide glasses, what can I say except I want to thank, we, we first of all want to thank Ambrey and his especial spouse Felicity for allowing us to be apart of this literally unspeakable ceremonial." "What is that saying father?" "The holy words, how eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, how neither hath it enterered into the hearts of man the things God hath prepared for those who love him, man have we come so amazingly close, to The Bride and Groom!" "We're gathered here this day, parents, siblings, friends and very special friends to join into a Juttah Matrimony this man and this woman, may this astonishing union for all eternity
be a joy, peace and gladness without end, without question, to the Bride and
groom!" "Here I stand and as I stand I'm astounded that he, meaning we are
this ground up, that my little worrisome, I'm to follow you were ever you're to
go little brother is this mature." "He's not only presenting his family with it's
newest member, but off to the most promising era of mankind's existence, to
the Juttah bride and groom!" "Gee Vince man that was awesome, a real hat
puller, yes, exactly, a real hat puller, hey you seen Cadence?" Ingesting hard
into a scratchy, thorny throat of prevailing thirst did he open his eyes into a
very unfamiliar ceiling, into an all the more concerning, truly alarming scenery
all around him. "He's awake!" "Just like they said, he's awake!" "Phearce," he's
to say just as tears roll along his cheek, even salty to his mouth, and relentless
along his chin. "Where Cadence?" "What happen?" "Hurricane Harriet Vince,
she took you, almost killed you, hurricane what, what are, you, talking, talking about?" "Where's Cadence?" "Where the hell am I?" "You're in the hospital, you've
been here for weeks, in a coma, my, --- what?" Automatically spinning
additional tears along artist features was he beginning to realize the scope of
his tragedy. "My god, my crew, my, -you Vince was the only one found alive, and
that was barely." "Bree, where is Bree?" "I'm right here," simultaneously
swabbing both cheeks at moving into his position had they more than once
been summoned to his bed side with purpose of saying their last goodbyes.
"Where's Felicity?" Who?" "Felicity, do you know a Felicity, are you two, I
knew a Felicity, but Vince she's dead, remember, she's been dead at least a
year now, she drowned off the Florida coast." "And you, my god I'm so thirsty,
some water, please, yes, Regan Central, what does that mean to you?"
Seeing he's to hurriedly gulp his cup, of course Phearce McPhearce knew a
Regan Central, she'd just recently become his love interest. "Yes, I do, she's
very important to me, Vince?" Seeing he's to break down additionally had he
really given them all a beyond imagination scare as they were all certain
they'd lost him. "Get out!" Harshly repositioning himself was he to instead turn
his back to them at thinking what the hell kidda nightmare had he been in and
for one Cadence Nicole sake could he for all times return? "Everybody just get
the hell out!" "Phearce?" "Yes, what was the last things you said to me, I need
you to think really hard because it vitally important." "We like discussed my
going after Regan Central, which you were completely against and my decision to step down from my anchor position." "Thanks," as one visibly plucking a large tear from his nose, had he apparently been in an alternate reality and what a blazing reality it'd all been. "Ah my god help me, please god help me!" "Why has this happen, what does it all mean?" "Please god, please!" <<<"Look Vince I know you're in there, you can't hide forever, from us forever, I love you man, I can't Phearce ok, I'm not ready." "What does that mean Vince really, which of us are truly ready?" "At the hospital, when you awaken, you was going on about a Cadence, a Caddy, even a Nicole, I think I've found her, you hear me Vince, I think I've found, how?" "She doesn't even exist, she was only a figment of my imagination, how have you found her?"
"Yes Vince she does exist, and if you open the door I'll show you, it's a trick,
you're always tricking me to get what you want." "Regan Central exist right?"
"Ok, her name is really Kyler Michelle Duncan, her now deceased husband is
named Taylor James Duncan, deceased, did you say deceased?" "Yes, he
made her a young widow about three years ago, none of this make sense,"
opening the door immediately to him, what was Phearce talking about seeing
neither of those names were recognizable? "How do you Phearce take Kyler
and Taylor and get Cadence Nicole?" "Is this her?" As one displaying a five
by ten likeness of the woman he definately knew as Cadence Nicole but how
did he know? "Ok how?" "Look at the bottom, blah, blah, and she has a three
year old daughter name Cadence Nicole Duncan." "She's joining KYMX
beginning Monday morning, joining our team, but, but, I hope you got something to eat,I'm famished seeing I skipped lunch to bring this breaking news to you."
"Hey man you need to do some serious shopping, Vin, hey you're ok?"
Arggggggggggggggggggggg!" As one out of a petrifying scream crashing a
bottle of wine into the wall "Vince, don't come freaking near me!" "But there's
glass everywhere, wine, get out!" "Vince, get out damn it, get out!" "I asked
you was she real, or was she some god damn figment of my imagination and
all you did was poke fun!" "Poke fun damn it Phearce as usual!" "What are
you talking about?" "Vince, ---ah god, ah, as a horrible one crashing to his knees, sobbing uncontrollably, was his mind completelt lost? Ah god, my whole crew is dead, dead because of some god, damn, but I'm here", visibly as one with photo in hand
crashing to his knees to the floor to him, to and by the most dramatic episodes of their entire lifespan. "See me Vince, I'm here with you," at him gently fitting his
crying, sobbing uncontrollably head into his soft, soothing breast, were things happening where the both of them were concern that would dramatically change their lives. "You know what?" That he's to regain some control of himself, of realizing this was no longer them or how they were, at easing up into a seat. "I'm really
hungry too, plus I need to get out of this place, yeah, sure, we can go and eat, I’m going to tell you something," as one instead dramatically, even climatically
grabbing him in his collar did he show himself mightily distrubed still. "Something
Phearce between you and I, ok, you and I only, ok, I can Phearce only assume while in
that coma, that this coma actually put me into this alternate reality," as one
instead coming to his feet, motioning a more than curious Phearce McPhearce right alone did he rest into the kitchen counter as did his friend Phearce. "You and Regan were in this reality, and you'd become this unspeakable couple, Bree, Bree and this Felicity were there, as a matter of fact just before I awaken I was as acting best man, giving the toast at his, their, Juttah wedding." "And I, I'd met and fallen in love with one anchor person, this fabulous female Vince, woman name Cadence, Caddy for short." "I'd confessed to Bree just that night how for the first time in my adult life I'd meet and fallen in love with this stunning, you know, female, I'd just proposed marriage." "I just Phearce can't believe it was all make believe, this alternate reality, how all those passionate moments and indescribable sentiments were all for nothing, accomplishing nothing, what a cruel and unusual punishment." "Not in any way to give you false hope, but that photo, the fact this person exist, that as of Monday she's to be on our crew that Vincent has to mean something." "Yeah I'll just walk up to her and tell her how I'm to know, love and one day marry her all through an alternate reality of a recent coma." "Look you was return to us for a reason, or Pheace man simply because they really like screwing with people lives, hearts and minds." "Look, just believe it's all going to work out, you see I haven't asked a thing about Regan Central and I in the alternate reality, why?" "Because I know despite how or what we suffer you described us as a very special couple and that is my ultimate dream and prayer." "Now how about that lunch?" "Yeah, I, I'll even follow you back to work to look over my old station, good, they've been asking about you, that would be good." "Regan and I became
a lovely pair huh?" Yeah, I was at the time telling you what a superman hus-
band you'd become to her despite how supportive her three brothers." "Three
brothers, Rig has three brothers, in my alternate reality, ah yeah, I must
remember that, a superman of a husband huh, wow, I really like that." "Look in
the sky it's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's Regan's husband, superman, see I knew I
should'n't have told you." "What, what I do, I'm just saying, that's all, look you tread softly with this girl, there's something else about her I just can't put my finger on, yeah you ready?" "Yeah, ready. For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12.

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