Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nicole XXVI

O Daughters Of My People
Scene XXVI

"We don’t understand, it’s as simple as that, why isn’t Caddy with you?”
“We,” as one glancing confusingly Phearson own waywardness at realizing arriving in Washington State without Cadence Nicole was a bit unnerving. “it’s plain Mr. Dante wanted to meet you, all of you first hand, the way your sister, Kyler isn’t my sister, she’s my cousin, and Caddy isn’t my niece, she’s my daughter, tell the officers they may come in.” “Officer, what is, what is happening Mr. Dante or what ever the hell yor name is Cadence Nicole was taken from us over two years ago, it would seem our dear cousin because of our belief, or the lack thereof thought us unfit and just went to her daycare one day and just took her.” “They say they have my daughter,” seeing the officers come right re-day hand cuffs, looking to arrest them on suspicion of kidnapping, and child endangerment. “Look what I, we just told you was the honest to God truth, we only meet Kyler like a couple months ago.” “Well Mr.,” ---Dante, it’s Dante, if what you’re saying is truth it won’t be at all to prove, ok, ok, but are the handcuffs necessary, Miss Russell, yes I’m right behind you, Ctentri, yes, I’m coming as well.” “I can’t believe this, can you believe this, look, calm down we’ll have this straighten out in no time, we can even call Rig, get her to bring Cadence right alone, for some reason Phearce, I started to feel we were in trouble the moment this Tennyson person admitted Kyler was only a cousin.” “Well so much for Rig’s theory huh?” I don’t know, I wouldn’t count these allegations of hers off the beaten path just yet.” “This Tennyson person talked of Kyler being uneasy at their belief, even panic, yeah enough Phearce to kidnap a child.” <<

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