Thursday, June 23, 2011


Though War shall Rise Against Me


-“So how is she?” “Ah , coping a lot better I assure you, so what’s the big emergency?” “Tell me the truth, the last I saw you two, well there was obvious friction.” “ok, if you insist, Rig was contemplating adoption, giving the unborn up for adoption, though this thing with you and Caddy changed all of that.” “You’re on the pretense it never crossed your mind, that living with a child that’s to remind you constantly of Rig’s violent attack isn’t to place unwarranted pressure on the relationship, let alone Phearce the marriage?” “What are you talking about, what is going on inside of Rig now is this extraordinary event, I’m sure Vince once the child is born, it will be even more this miracle.” Miss Rus’sell called me today, this morning, just as I arrived at work, are you serious, what did she want?”’Ah she gave me quite a tongue licking, ok, poor choice of words, she wanted to know what’s that horrible thing we said to her brother, what give us the right.” “How it’s virtually defective that we’re to enforce our sickening beliefs on her impressionable brother.” “There Phearce, right there I asked her, who was the greatest threat to her brother the God of heaven or the god, Satan’s seat of this world?” “What did she say to that?’ “Nothing for a long time, I even thought she’d hung the communicator in my face, then suddenly she said, you guys just stay the hell away from my brother.” “I reminded her, it was her brother that came to us, and not we to him, he was looking for God, but he was doing it in all the wrong places, this evil carnal world, instead of a sincere to penitence heart, then she hung up in my face.” “I send him that Paris Globe article, “blood farmers,” are you, man if that doesn’t get you, as so Vince I send him “A Man Went Out To Sow, that mean if he and sis are really close that he’ll probably shared them with her, so don’t be surprised if she come gunning for you next, literally.” “Speaking of gunning for me, for us, I had this dream last night where we, we as in the Church-bride, we were all under attack, that those resisting us were kicking our doors in coming after us, that doing this entire horror I had this single concern, I didn’t have the right shoes on my feet for fleeing, in other words Phearce, I didn’t have on my running shoes.” “I, I, I keep Vince having dreams about war, about plans for war being made, I even wanted to go to the communicator and see, search out just how war on America’s soil would be like you know.” “Then the Holy Spirit start describing how most people would simply run for the border, Canada, the Mexican bothers, others who could, those with boats would flock to the Caribbean, you know things of that nature.” “When I awaken the other morning, I could swear Vince there was a form of air assault, of star wars going on right overhead, just outside the window, but Rig said she didn’t hear anything and soon the sound dissipated.” “I still don’t know whether it was low flying jets, or dreams and images of what’s to come, I saw the church bride arrival in heaven, excuse me, in the dream it was her, this Tennyson person, but at the same time it was the church bride, she was arriving at exactly 3:00 in the am.” “Ahhh, man, I know, it’s crazy right?” “So this Caddy deal, it was steering Ctentri along the righteous path and that’s it or is there other analysis to consider, even render?” “You talking about Tennyson?” “You have to remember Vince Ctentri did have some belief and love in his heart after the Supreme, he’d just been following the wrong doctrine, his own will.” “Though Tennyson, and I know Vince all things are possible with the Supreme, I mean at us, the only way to possibly trust it is if she come to you.” “And you think she will?” “If she’s to seek the Supreme’s will for her life, and I think with Ctentri determination to be the righteousness of the Supreme Father, it’s possible, you Phearce say wait, how long?” “I mean the only thing I can think about is how you went after Regan Central, yes, but Rig and I were, she thought herself in love with me, yeah, yeah and I Vince think myself in love with Tennyson, ah god, are you serious?” “Yeah, I actually find myself burning with needing and wanting her, that’s the way it was in the dream, I couldn’t keep myself off of her though I knew I had too, you know.” “I’ll wait, if you think that’s what I should do?” “No, Vince, you do what you think is best, I would like to see Caddy again, she is very special to me as well, I don’t know, I guess we’ll see huh?” ”Yeah Vince, I guess we will, as you say see, what is that, that look, that snide remark, what snide remark, what look?” “Ok, ok I’ll call her, and go from there, I like it, I think it’s the wisest decision you’re to make ever, I hope so, you know I’ve never liked sofa sleeping.” Huh?” “My insanity Phearce, your sofa, --ok, I think I see.”

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