Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nicole XXVII

How Long, O Lord, Holy And True?


-“My goodness,” looking up from his drink at the bar did a cheerful Vincent Dante find himself face to face with an astonishing thing. “I see you made it to New York, yeah, I see you remember, -Ctentri right, yeah I remember, I thought I would take you up on your offer.” “Just how did you find me?” “Ahhh,” having glanced curiously around the night club soon seeing a kind wave of Phearson McPhearson, did he get up, with this guess following, to join him. “I thought you told me you would never be caught dead in this place again, well Vince I guess you can say I’ve done a lot of dying since.” “I had to bring Ctentri here to you, he said he felt lead of the Lord, even the spirit, that he couldn’t let you Vince get away.” “It’s not of God, what?” Having a smile of uncertainty to whether Vincent was talking to him or Phearson, did he rub a nervousness as this into his slacks, a defective glance about. “What you’re seeking Ctentri, it’s not of God and if Holy Spirits did indeed lead you here, that’s what I’m supposed to tell you, actually we, it’s what we’re to tell you.” “What make you, how, why are you so certain?” “You’re talking about same sex relations right, courtships, marriages?” “There’s only one god Ctentri that can give you what you’re searching for and it’s not the God of heaven, not unless He’s to abandoned His own will for mankind, even this Christ Lord, Jesus.” ”You ever heard of the Genesis, of Adam and Eve?” “of course, I know about God ancient of years ago creating one man, -and that one man Ctentri not just male and female, but husband and wife, you have to then realize this is God’s will for mankind despite the passage of time, male and female, husband and wife.” “Yeah, yeah, you think I haven’t heard this all before, ok Ctentri, what is sin?” “What you mean what is sin?” “All unrighteousness is sin, but whose to say, ---sin is a transgression against the righteousness of God, and same sex relations fit under the banner of fornication, right?” “Unless you’re married, ---if it’s not, if Ctentri it’s not of God how will you ever justify it marriage or not?” “People are allowed to transgress against God everyday, twenty-four hours a day, it doesn’t mean it’s justified by God, but that man, like God is free to practice his own will, he’s even free to kill and die but after this, --I know, I know, reaping what’s sown, the judgment await.” “Though if sodomy can never be justified, not only is it fornication, it is a transgression against the body.” “It’s the one sin, that is a transgression against the body, the very body Holy Spirits want to take and make into the temple of God.” “The temple of God Ctentri is where God in all of his glory, power and mercy dwell, it’s the Christ citing, destroy this temple and in three days it shall be rebuild.” “Yeah, it’s what the Supreme Christ was describing to the Samaritan woman, how the cathedrals and the temples and churches and congregations would all be done away with.” “That for whatever purpose they served would now be performed individually within each believer, now serving God in spirit and truth and where not even the gates of hell could prevail.” “But, but, it’s not possible, talk about away with the middle wall of partition, the entire assembly would, I know, like Jesus, they would fight us to the death, but without prevail.” “No, no still, what you’re saying that would make us like god, more like the Christ Lord, who was God manifested in the flesh.” “My Jesus in heaven,” displaying a gasping sigh of bedazzledment at falling back into his seat, of all he was seeing and hearing. Truly, the very implication, the sure glory, even divinity of what he was seeing, two of the most gorgeous men in the world, most of all what he was hearing. “Even guys if what you’re saying is true, I couldn’t do it, --no, none of us can, as you say, do it, it’s why we have to surrender.” “It’s why Ctentri we have to lay down our arms so to speak that they’re to do it, God’s will through us.” “You must be born again,” passing away into a blank awareness at quoting this especial Christ of them all, at thinking what indeed had he got himself into, indeed who where these guys? “Yes, but most of all Ctentri you must be willing, willing because the Supreme heavenly host cannot, and the emphasis Ctentri is on can’t, they cannot go against your free will.” “Only as you reconcile with them, and yield your will forthwith do they then by a spiritual intervention inexpressible." "Do they then begin to shape your heart, unto your mind, unto your soul into a holiness of the Lord Father Supreme, yeah the only sacrifice the Holy Lord will not despise.” “It make sense, flesh and blood, sin, cannot inherit, this is why they hated him so, but they only got a glimpse of what you guys are telling me now, yeah, but even this indication of God’s form of righteousness Ctentri, right there manifested in flesh jeopardized and imperiled all things they’d believed and taught since father Abraham.” “And, and, what make you, how do you, what make you guys so sure?” “It’s the truth, the truth according to the living and righteous word of God, it is this greatest testament of all at God’s will for the spiritual will of mankind.” “We haven’t Ctentri told you anything that isn’t according to the living word, just ask yourself, what is God’s will for not only this life, but mostly for your eternity?” “As you just quoted, if flesh and blood can’t inherit God’s Kingdom, then how does flesh and blood then transform to Holy Spirit, how do sinful flesh become Holy?” “The Supreme Christ born of a free will, tempted at all points inherited God’s Kingdom because he gave over his will to the will of God.” “Yeah it happen to me right here, well not right here, up there, sitting at that bar, coming here was everything and all things.” “It was like clockwork, my favorite thing of all to do, then all of sudden this particular night I saw things in a light.” “In a revelation if you will like I’d never seen it before." "I know Vince I never told you this, but I suddenly glanced about the entire club and I said to myself, all these people are going to hell, and I’m going with them.” “I didn’t know it then, but it was a breaking through of the illusive veil pulled over our sense of spiritual awareness from our mother’s womb." "Though now like you Ctentri, I begin to know and to accept and believe what was by Holy Spirits made known to me.” “That’s why you abandon the club, yes, that ‘s why, this belief didn’t come easy, the truth was like stabbing thieves all over and through, because I didn’t want it to be true.” “I didn’t want the will I treasured so to be hostile to God’s will, even a hatred and a rebellion, but there it all was.” “There, in the Supreme’s living word, forget choosing the will of a perverse lifestyle, though from my mother’s womb, I was a transgression against God as all are, cursed.” “So you guys are saying this is what has brought me to New York, to you two?” “We’re saying this, as you say is Holy Spirits will for all mankind, they will not Ctentri leave you ignorant therein, again, God’s will, that mankind, all of them, us, is to dwell like Holy Spirits, in the house of this Lord Father forever.”

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