Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nicole XXV

…The Lord Reigheth…
Scene XXV

“So how did it go?” "Well, with a visibly weary Vincent Dante getting back into car fastening his seat belt having left Cadance Nichole at her favorite daycare, had mother Kyler planned these things well.” “It would see Pearce there is a grandmar Nicey, as so an Uncle John, upon which I think is grandpar, there is a Century, perhaps an uncle, as so is there a Tennsyson, female possibly an Aunt, and the one described by Caddy as being the most like her mom." "There is no threat to her by these people, she think highly of them all, so, ---so it’s as Rig said, and what did Rig say, I said I think Kyler did things this way not so much to bring Cadence to her relatives but you, I think this is an attempt to introduce you to Caddy’s people.” “What?” Feeling his weight pulling at her seat that her he's to get a better look, even a better feel of what she was saying, even the implication of what she was saying. “I don’t think I, for some reason Vince she thinks you’re good for her daughter, that her daughter is good for you, which is obvious, but what’s not obvious is what is good for you waiting at Kyler’s home town?” “Well just so you guys know, I’ve decided not to keep her, yeah well we kind of figured that, but so did Kyler which give more credence to what Rig is saying." "That Vince you’re possibly being set up, setup for what?” “Don’t tell me Kyler came all this way, planned a suicide, abandoned her daughter to me all for a blind date with her sister?” “Anyway I’ll be at attempts at reaching them all through the day, when Vince they’re only one phone call away I bet ya.” “You're thinking Rig what I’m thinking, that the reason Caddy keep describing her aunt as the one like her mother is because they’re perhaps twins, and possibly the match made in heaven Vince really saw?” “Look thanks you guys for all your help, I have a lot of traveling to do, Washington State, thanks you guys for getting Caddy for me, yeah Vince," seeing he’s to exit their car into his own car right at the side of them. Indeed was a charismatic Dante Vincent not hearing these eerie scenarios of there’s, he just wanted to get the girl to family so he could get his life back. “Would you Vince be very angry at me if I say what just happen with Caddy changes things, I don’t think I want to consider adoption after all.” “You going back to the house or straight to class?” “I Hurt you and I’m sorry, please accept my apology, I don’t think I can live with you giving me the silent treatment.” “I’m more concern about Vince than I’m letting on, I don’t know if he should go at this alone, I sense he’s in danger." "What you think?” “You think he’s to let you tag alone?” “To be honest Rig think he’s to welcome it, then drop me at the house to my car and call me from the airport." "We can Rig act as though it never happen, this adoption thing, what adoption thing?” “Perfect, that’s why you're so, you know, perfect, when a husband is right, a husband is right, I don’t know Rig, sometimes Vince can be really stubborn, well.” As one grabbing her things readying to get out, was Regan Central pretty certain Vince Dante would more than welcomed his addition. “I’m pretty sure he’ll be thrilled to have you alone, just go, do it, and I'll see you two in time for dinner.” “I hope she know what she’s talking about, I’m talking to myself I know, but what the worse that can happen except he send me back?" "I’ll just see Rig without company, sooner than to be expected.” {{{Pierce here,” peeking into his side view mirror at advancing into an alternate lane, advancing further was he at least twenty minutes away from the airport. “So how long before you get here?” “Wait a minute, did Rig call you?” “No, I just strongly sensed you want to tag alone, you strongly sensed huh?” “What time is the flight?” “Man I still don’t believe this, it’s so unreal I keep waiting to wake up in the hospital additionally, actually this is too weird to be a dream if you know what I mean, yea see you in few, yeah, in a few.”

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