Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nicole XXIII

…Lift Up Thyself, Thy Judge Of The Earth…


So when was the last time you saw her?” “Her?” You Vince know what her I’m talking about, how long? “Ummm,” as one playing into a bite of his fries, a sip of his drink was Phearce visiting upon Regan Central’s appointment with the doctor, as usual she didn’t want him around ‘A month, perhaps two, or three, three months, are you serious?” “I don’t believe you, believe what?” It’s just didn’t, didn’t what Vince man, work out?” “How could it when you gave it like zero chance, I tried ok?” As one rushing off into answering the communicator, Phearce didn’t know what terrified Vince so but Kyler was just perfect for him. {{{Hello, yes this is ---him, ex--cuse me, well do I like have too?” “Wait a minute is this like a prank?” “On West Street, I’ll be as soon as possible, yeah you too.” “Woooo what was that about?” “If you can believe it, that was a fire station on West Street, said they need me to come down as soon as possible, stop joshing man, didn’t you hear me, that’s exactly what I said.” “But why on earth would they,” seeing Vince is to as always tidy up behind himself, he was always such this neat fellow. “I mean that’s kinda reverse, so you coming with?” “Heck yeah, I’m wanna see what goes on when emergency crews instead call on you, all I know Pearce man this better not be some prank, hey, don’t look at me,’ as one with innocent hands flying up out of an amused look, was Dante Vince pretty certain this was somebody playing a joke, possibly trying to get him out of the house for a change. “Man somebody is in real trouble, well as long as you know Vince that somebody isn’t me.” “So they didn’t give you a clue?” “No, they had my name, my address said I would be doing them a good service if I came down as soon as possible, you didn’t nominate me as a hero or anything like that?” “You mean that hurricane Harriet review?” “That’s it isn’t it?” “And you can’t tell me because it’s suppose to be a surprise, well Vince if so, I’m just as surprised as you.” <<<“I can see it all over your face, so tell me the good news first, I don’t think Regan this is going to be a single birth, ---excuse, twins, you seem to be carrying twins, ah nall, that’s not possible, maybe you got my ultrasound mixed up with,” seeing he’s to shake his head disagreeably she was uncertain about one child and he was telling her she’s having twins. “Does multiple birth deliveries run in your family? “No, ---and the father?” “Not that I know of, are you Doc, like really sure?” “I mean I haven’t decided whether I’m to keep this one and you’re suggesting I have two.” “First we need to calm down right, and second we need to do more test, so have the hubby come in, we set you up for more test and get you home to rest.” <<<“I’m afraid I don’t understand, isn’t this a job for child services?” ”The mother Mr. Dante left her here, gave us this note, asked us to with all our heart reach you, and if you couldn’t be of any service to her daughter then reach her relatives.” “To be completely honest with you sir, this gentleman here as this witness I’ve known her, and this child barely a month.” “Well apparently Mr. Dante, Enrico, Dante is my first name, you want to take her or no?” “You is all she’s been talking about since she got here, there’s nothing about her mother, or father, just you, Mr. Vincent, the Carnival man.” “Look just take her, make her happy and when she’s asleep in bed reach her relatives, and if that’s not satisfactory, then you get child services involved, ---see?” “What do you think?” “I can’t, I’m so shocked, her mother is gone Vince, for some reason we don’t know this baby has an attachment to you, even in your, well you know.” I don’t know, heck take her with you, and like the chief say, you can get the family involved later.” “Well ok, as he say, good, this will make the child happy, as so the mother, and you doing such a charitable thing, I can’t see how this is to be a bad thing, ever.”

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